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How we're different

We don’t profess to have the perfect formula, but we certainly know what not to do.

If you are anything like us, you have probably seen management and executive teams make decisions on your behalf. These management decisions are at best arbitrary, with no room for negotiations. You will have been told how to do your job, when you should and shouldn’t do your job and maybe on occasions even been told you can’t do your job.

You have probably observed or have experienced, business owners selling your hard work, your talent, basically you. Then when a deal is signed, they take off into the sunset, leaving you behind to start again.

Perhaps you are more the Creative Type – an idea generator. You have the desire and the drive to make a successful business but lack the tools. And as you watch other people execute the ideas you once had, people tell you your time will come – just not today.

Regardless of how you arrived to be reading this page we can say with total confidence that we understand where you are coming from – because your story is as much our story as well. All these reasons and many more besides are why we set The Money Group up and have developed a process and a proposition that is unrivalled in the industry.

The perks

Explore the benefits to our network.

Extensive proposition

We provide our members with access to our extensive proposition, allowing them to acquire a full panel of lenders and providers which gives our members’ clients the best choices and outcomes

Member support

Supporting our members is key to the success of their businesses. We have an experienced and dedicated Operations Department providing continued support to our members


Our regulatory experience and expertise keep our members’ businesses safe and make sure they have time to better engage clients, resulting in well considered advice.

Bespoke CRM systems

Our members have access to an award winning CRM system, offering a simple and compliant end to end sales platform with full API development built in via our partners at OMS.

Support and resources

We aim to help as much as we can.

We think that a good support network is vital is running a smooth operation, that’s why we’ve developed the TMG Hub.

This is an internal resource hub where you can access everything you could ever need at your finger tips. Saving time with emails and calls, so you can focus on what really matters – your clients.

Running your own business

As we said, you’re our partner; so it’s still your business.

Having said this, being a member of our network provides you with a range of support to run your business in an efficient and viable way. Explore a few of the ways here.

The TMG system powered by OMS has integrated sourcing and lending integration to speed up the process, alongside Client and introducer portals to make the client journey more streamlined and professional. This helps our members create more time to deal with more consumers.
Our Recruitment team, will help map out the ideal candidates for your company with our state of the art recruitment system we are able to match applicants up with your business requirements.

Our head office team is renowned for its forward thinking and on topic marketing, we provider either support or courses to help in real life classrooms a marketing plan.

With a close working relationship with Dashly we are able to review your client data and advise you a true valuation of this, and also help to provide further income streams from this.

Training and networking

We host events and seminars to offer unrivalled industry training.

We often hold various events. It’s a way for us to connect, have fun, build lasting relationships with our partners and help to educate people within our network how they can grow their business and run it in the most efficient way.

TMG Autumn Roadshow

We hosted TMG’s Autumn Roadshow last week on the 16th November. Its was a great way for our network members, lenders and providers to come

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